How can I be a 'Power User' and get many services?

(This article is for Volunteers) Here are some 'power user tips' that may help you to optimize and promote your profile for maximum exposure.

1) Log in frequently! - the system is set up to promote the profiles of volunteers that have recently logged in so that apprentices will see their profiles first.  Make sure your profile is set to 'looking', if it is set to 'not looking' then no one will see your profile.  Tip: use a password manager on your digital devices to quickly login and manage your profile.  Here is an example:

2) Upload Pics to your profile - Pics help apprentices determine if your hair texture, length and color will work for the services they are offering.  Upload a pic of the back, sides and front of your hair.  Don't want to use a picture of yourself?  Then find a pic on our Pinterest page (or internet) to post what style or color you are looking for - here is the link to our Pinterest page:

3) Be Specific - the more specific you can be in your ad about what you are looking for, the better.  It doesn't hurt to specify the Date/Time you are available in the title of your ad if you have limited flexibility.

4) Contact the Salon - If an apprentice is not responding right away it might be because they are busy working in the salon and cannot get to their phones.  Try contacting the salon directly and tell them you are responding to an ad you saw listed on, they may be able to book you over the phone.

5) Sign up for Email AlertsEmail Alerts this is a two step verification process, so after choosing a city and entering your email, you will need to validate your email by clicking on a link that will be sent to your inbox.  Once you have signed up, you will have Email Alerts whenever new apprentices are posting an ad in the city you are following.  Sign up now at this link: Email Alerts

6) Add Our Email to Your Address Book - If you use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or another email service, it helps with email alerts if you add our address to your address book:

7) Browse and filter listings - When browsing the ads posted by apprentices, you can click on any column header and sort by ascending or descending order to help find what you are looking for (see screenshot):

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