I Can't Login!

There are a few common reasons that some users have had trouble logging into their account.  Try doing this to see if it helps:

1) Are you using the correct login URL for volunteers?  This is the link you want:

2) Use your email address in the 'username' field

3) Use all lowercase when creating your email address in our system (if you registered with a mobile device, sometimes the smartphone will automatically make the first letter of your email capitalized - our system is case sensitive, so try capitalizing the first letter of your email)

4) You may have accidentally added a space in the 'password field' and that is why your password is not being recognized.

5) Use the 'forgot password?' link on the login page and add '' to your email address book to make sure you receive the email from us

In some cases we found that users had the first letter in caps and the rest lowercase and our system is 'case sensitive', so if you are going to use capital letters, remember to enter them in exactly the same way when logging in as when you first registered your account

Still having trouble?  Send us a message and we will give you a hand!

Here is a screenshot of a user that was having an 'Invalid Login' Error because the email address had capital letters:

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