Mastering Salon Apprentice - Become a Power User!

Mastering Salon Apprentice

in just a few steps!

Marketing yourself on couldn't be easier, but guess what?  There are some easy ways to get better results from your ads!  Learn how to master Salon Apprentice by following these guidelines:

1) Create a catchy and descriptive Title for your ad, this is your chance to get someones attention to click on your ad, so choose your words wisely!

2) Use images!  These ads get more attention

3) Post your ad at least 7 days before you need a model

4) Write detailed information and spell-check (volunteers need to trust you and know if they are a match for you)

5) Learn how to search for volunteers in the model database, then learn how to use the 'advanced search' to narrow down your results.

6) Always navigate to your published ad and click on the 'Share' icons to your social network (this makes it easier for your friends to pass along to their friends, etc.)

7) Login to your profile frequently because your ad will automatically be displayed at the top (the system orders the ads by the last login time to reward those that remain active on the site).  

8) Support the site and contribute to building the community, tell as many people you can about and that you can be found there.  This helps us so we can help you!

9) Always make sure to keep your 'Next Service Date' updated because many volunteers are looking at this information to see if that date matches with their availability

10) Know your website address or URL - you can copy and paste your URL into Facebook to share with your social network (facebook will automatically pull images and post on your newsfeed)

Good luck with your model search!

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